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Performance Driving Group

Don’t want to track your car, too far to tow, car not ready? Then we’ve got you covered with our track car rentals. Rather than put wear and tear on your car that you depend on for daily transportation, why not do an arrive and drive. We have cars available for full day rentals. Cars come ready to drive and a crew of mechanics will take care of the car between run groups. We will even provide you with a helmet and keep you hydrated with cold water.


2023 C8 Corvette Z51
$2,500 + insurance $375

2023 SS Camaro 1LE manual transmission

$2,300 + insurance $200

2023 SS Camaro 1LE automatic transmission

$2,300 + insurance $200


four 25-30 minute sessions

Instructor, Helmet and Registration fees are included in the Price.

Contact us at (800) 453-5506 for further information and registration.