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Performance Driving Group


  • Important to look ahead rather than where you are
  • Be smooth with all your inputs
  • Brake in a straight line
  • Get your reference points for braking and be consistent
  • If you get on the throttle you should be unwinding the steering wheel
  • If the car has understeer you must let up off the throttle
  • If the car has over steer you must turn your front wheels towards the slide
  • If you spin – both feet in – on the brakes and clutch in (if you drive a manual shift car)
  • Don’t drive over your head or you’ll wreck for sure
  • If you put a wheel off on the grass – drive it straight – don’t  try to jerk the car back on the track
  • When getting passed – lift slightly off the throttle
  • Braking cones are a reference
  • Turn in, apex and exit cones will help you be on the proper line